Facts About Fossils

Fossil Ammonite CloseupThis site has been created and designed by fossil collectors, paleontologists, students, enthusiasts, geologists, rock hounds and you who are dedicated to having fun, learning new things, exchanging information and perhaps will uncover new and interesting facts and developments from our world filled with fossils and discoveries yet to be made. We aim to present information in an understandable and progressive format for which the student as well as the scholar can enjoy and obtain information.

The format is based upon the Geologic Time Scale starting from the Precambrian to the present. The categories are What are Fossils? How are they are formed?, Where to find Fossils?, Time and Geology, and processes of Fossil Formation. Major fossil categories will be explored and presented. There are many categories in the fossil world however we will present some of those categories from which a wealth of information will be presented. Our presentation introduces fossils formed several billion years ago starting with micro fossils, leading up to recent times. The main categories we will present are from Land, Sea and Air. Creatures that roamed the land swam the seas and flew ancient skies.

Index Fossils

Fossils from a T-RexAmber fossil

There have been many fossil species discovered, studied and specified as Index Fossils, which tag Geologic Time Periods denoting important marker fossils. We will touch upon these popular and important fossil records. These fossils are both of academic and monetary importance to our society today. The microscopic creatures that floated the seas eons ago are now products of the petroleum we refine today. Index fossils are benchmarks of time periods studied, classified and relied upon to point the way for petroleum exploration, future fossil discoveries and additional knowledge of the distant past. Who knows what marvelous discoveries await!

New Fossil Discoveries

Dinosaur FossilNew discoveries are being uncovered every day. Recently a cache of fossil specimens were found in the British Museum keep in safe keeping from the Charles Darwin’s voyage aboard the good ship “The Beagle. Darwin had embarked to prove the theory of evolution. His specimens have been locked away for over 160 years. What amazing new finds will there be? We will keep an ear and eye open in anticipation of what will be “rediscovered” from this find of a lifetime.

You must understand that back in the day of Darwin the belief was that the world was created in only 6 thousand years. Most religions and people were also afraid to express their opinion not to mention their beliefs in evolution. Sorry to all of the devoutly religious groups, and no offense but the most keen minds of today all agree that the fossil record shows evidence of such and that the world has existed for millions and millions or years. Evolution was a taboo at the time and some today still deny its validity. Now, let us explore the ancient past and timeless story of life on our planet.

The Fossil Record

360 million year old trimolite fossilThe fossil record is enormously vast and encompasses many time periods for air, land and sea creatures that have been preserved in various fashions waiting for our discovery and study. We will endeavor to explore and understand the elusive concept of geologic time, the time periods of significant importance, evolution and the evidence and the fascinating fossil record of past life on our planet. We would like to present what we believe to be of interest, importance and fun to all who are brave enough to explore our website and to those students as well as scholars to enjoy.

Types of Fossils

The number of types of fossils that have been recorded is immense.  Although it is impossible to list all of them, especially since who knows how many are yet to be discovered, this site providesinformation on the most common types of fossils found to date.  We are constantly updating our information and adding new fossil types.  You can view our all or the different types of fossils with information on this site along the right hand side of this page, or by visiting the Types of Fossils Page. If you have any suggestions or information you would like us to add to the site, please feel free to contacts us!

fossil spiral snail stone real ancient petrified shell